Tarot, Mirror of Our Souls

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post. Perhaps I shouldn’t have started a blog at all, knowing I will eventually desert it after five post or so. I am not exactly a creative person and it takes me quite long to organize my thoughts, also to think about an eye-catching post title. Not very feasible when you have a jammed schedule with work, freelance job and, well, tarot challenges to do.

But I digress. I am breaking my routine because I realize something important that I almost forgot in all my eagerness to master tarot:

He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28)

Now, I think I have mentioned earlier that I am a Christian, and the reason I embrace tarot is because God has given His permission for me to use it as a visual aid to hear His voice in my heart, as I could be rather deaf sometimes and only through some sort of pictured book I can ascertain what He is trying to say.

But in all my eagerness to study symbolisms and practice my knowledge by doing multiple tarot challenges (I am a translator in real-life, so I feel really accomplished when my readings make perfect sense), I forget that original purpose. I got lost in myriads of prompts about self-care, self potentials, abundance and all that jazz, and forget that the reason I am allowed this in the first place is so I can hear God’s voice and His will in my life clearer.


And with that realization, I come to understand why tarot becomes associated with Satan and sorceries and everything ungodly. Again, the fault is not in the cards, but in the way we use it. Any object dear to us, not just tarot cards, becomes the receptor of our energy and thus reflect who we are. Tarot cards just happen to have pictures and symbols to make it plain. And so, when we start to ask the cards more about ourselves than about God’s will in our lives, that’s when the cards become the tools of our egoistic nature rather than a channel for the Spirit of God within us (read: conscience) to convey its message.

For this reason, I have decided to cut down the number of tarot challenges I am going to follow in the future. I can use select few to sharpen my reading skills, but I am going to limit my reading time to only questions that serve my growth in God.

Disclaimer: this post in NO WAY accuses tarot challenges as being useless or satanic or whatever. Tarot challenges are very, very useful in sharpening reading skills and knowing ourselves better, but as with any good things, we can’t have too much or too many of them. Select just the readings that you feel will help the growth of your spirituality, and spend more time practicing what you learn from there in real life.