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About God and the stars

Sometimes I wonder if the reason I, a Christian, was introduced into tarot is because I have a longterm task to show that the so-called Christian God is actually more universal than we thought.

I read Matthew 2 today as part of my self-induced reading-whole-Bible-in-one-year program and saw that the Three Kings from the Orient, who probably had never read the Scriptures and relied only on astrology, knew first about the birth of the Savior than did the wise people of Israel, who had had everything written beneath their noses for years. Only after Herod asked them did they scrambled to find explanation, but when the Kings told them about the Northern Star, they had been just as clueless as he was.

And apparently, God warned these Oriental Kings through dreams to avoid Herod just as He did Joseph. So what is it about Him being a God priviledged to only selected group of people?

I am by no way claiming I have known all the answer. I am still trying to figure out where my faith stands. But now that I have really, REALLY bothered to check the Bible, it strangely only confirms more and more to me that God has been reaching to His creations in many, many ways, and the hows of it may not be as important as the end result.