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Free Tarot Reading (21-24 June)

Hey all,

I am offering free one question reading by email. Please fill in the details below and submit your question before June 24 09:00 am Pacific Time. I will do my best to answer incoming questions in the next week or so.

A couple of things I need to emphasize:

  1. I am not a psychic and mainly use tarot to explore possibilities and provide advices and guidances, so with regrets I cannot answer questions such as when certain things will happen, who is your future husband, and the like. I believe that we are not supposed to get ahead of ourselves and that we should focus on what we can do here and now to shape our own future.
  2. For love and relationship questions, I may ask a photograph of you and the person you ask about. Your data will be kept in the strictest confidence.
  3. In exchange of the time and energy I have invested to answering your questions, I would highly appreciate it if you could provide honest review of my reading after I emailed the reading to you. It does not have to be long, just a couple of sentences summarizing about my accuracy, delivery, and explanations.

Ask away, and I am looking forward to your participation 🙂

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Avoiding Self-imposed Results When Reading for Yourself

So I had a chat with my fellow tarotiers as usual this morning, and the experienced amongst us warned against what she called the “yellow car effect”. I am just going to paste what she said here: 

Sometimes a card keeps showing because we are subconsciously looking for that card, thus it will appear. It is a “yellow car” effect, a term coined by my husband. When we play the “tap your friend when you see a yellow car!” game, suddenly yellow cars are everywhere. It is your mind playing tricks on you. Same as seeing so many people dying. We see so many because we subconsciously looking for another, and another.

There are several ways to break away from that effect. One of them is to break away from the routine. Change your perception every now and then. Change your ways every now and then. That way your mind won’t try to actively seek what you believe as true. Really beneficial in training impartialities. 

Stop reading, or do reading on another time. Stop for two days and then read again on night time instead of morning. 

What we believe as the truth and the truth itself often are so different. But yellow car effect creates mindblocks – a dangerous thing that a reader shouldn’t have.

Break the cards too. Put them upside down. Find another way to shuffle. After you have done that several times and it still appears, means that probably it is the truth. Probably – for the real truth, we often don’t know.

I also found another blog post here which shares tips on how to read for yourself objectively. Detachment is difficult when we try to read issues concerning ourselves, so needless to say these tips require a lot of practice.